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Personalize your style with BANZOLA COLLECTION

We create our elegant men's suits with the best 100% ITALIAN fabrics and patterns. Our bespoke team allows you to own your own style;

You have the possibility of obtaining a unique and remarkable costume thanks to our different choices of fabrics as well as all the different means of customization, so that you obtain the perfection of your silhouette.

Our tailors are at your side throughout this experience to guide you and help you choose a good fabric, a color, a cut, according to your desires and expectations.

1st meeting: Choice & Measures

It all starts with a first meeting of 40 to 60 minutes in our BANZOLA COLLECTION house.

We present to you the BANZOLA concept and our entire offer.

You will have plenty of time to have all of your questions answered, to discuss your needs and to better advise you. Then you can choose the fabric that suits you best.

Once the fabric is determined, we move on to choosing the linings, buttons and type of pockets that can make your garment unique.

Finally, it's time to take measurements where we study your body shape and together validate the cut that will highlight you the most.

2nd appointment: Try-on

The master tailor will need approximately 4 to 6 weeks to make your suit, you will then be contacted to carry out a first trial. We check all the adjustments to perfect your outfit.

Our tailor checks how the piece aligns with the body, validation of the collar, sleeves, interior and exterior pockets, lining...etc,

Final appointment: Verification & Delivery

A final test to validate the adjustments made together.

We keep all of your measurements for your next orders!

Custom clothing fabrics

Our experts are at your disposal to best identify your needs.

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