Before responding to our customers! The demand for quality ready-to-wear that combines the mastery of design by master tailors, the rigor required by this profession and the perpetual search for a style that is original but not eccentric. We are first and foremost a men's haute couture house! Which means that we practice the art of tailoring and only manufacture high-quality tailor-made clothing for our Gentlemen on request. Federico Banzola is the founder, after a long experience with Francesco Smalto in Paris and Bordeaux, he moved to Morocco where he created the BANZOLA tailor house 10 years ago.

He was quickly joined by other enthusiasts from diverse and varied worlds. The team is growing, it's a story that continues to be written over the years, with a clientele in Morocco, Europe and America, through meetings in the world of cinema or music to dress in an Italian style, different Artists, from Holt Maccalany (Netflix: mind hunter, justice league) to Christian Audigier via Hatim ammor etc..

The specialty of the BANZOLA house and what it has made known for are tuxedos, revisiting the style of the 1920s to 1940s in a theme dear to the house: Gatsby.

The house crafts them by hand to measure in its own workshops. Nothing at BANZOLA is subcontracted, from the cutting to the shaping of each part through their quality control. These are master tailors trained by the house in an internal training system which produces each piece of the house in Italian shapes and curves but retains the rigor in the fit of English tailors, without forgetting the twist of fantasy in the details, which makes the reputation of the BANZOLA house.

As the collections progressed, a question from customers often came up: When will you make us a beautiful ready-to-wear collection?

You should know that for a tailor, building a silhouette dedicated to ready-to-wear is the first stone to lay in this adventure because it is the cut and therefore the masculine silhouette which marks the style of a tailor house.

Once this was done, it was a matter of returning to the main points of criticism that men make of ready-to-wear clothing, namely the almost absence of problems with the cut being well fitted but not too tight, work on the " fit" which is often too tight in many brands or too wide, or quite simply the quality details and fabric which leave something to be desired, not to mention the quality of the fabrics which is often hazardous, with an acceptable visual rendering but heavy to wear and with little hold over time.

We therefore worked a lot on these crucial points for a result with a palpable Italian style, a design mastered from start to finish, from the fabric to the installation of the label, including the reinforced seams. Everything has been thought of with attention to detail which is the particularity of master tailors.

From suits to shirts to accessories, everything has been created to make it easier for you to combine shirts, jackets, etc.

BANZOLA COLLECTION was born from tailoring genetics, but dedicated to being modern and with a completely balanced quality-price ratio Gentlemen.

A high quality pure wool fabric, cut worked by sizes and not by batches of sizes, a silhouette signed by the hand of a master tailor for your greatest pleasure. Gentlemen!

Federico Banzola