Your big day has arrived and perhaps with it your first ceremonial tuxedo. You will discover a legion of precise codes depending on the colors, shapes and fabrics chosen for your Tuxedo.
At Banzola Collection, we have chosen the path of the great timeless classics which, over the decades, have proven their formidable effectiveness and elegance.
From the shawl collar to the semi-fitted cuts, to the equally elegant Notch lapel, the classics have the primary benefit of being designed to suit as many people as possible. The idea being in these big names of classicism will have an impeccable result whatever your body shape.
The choice of colors has only one rule in ceremony:
Sobriety is the mother of elegance. We notice more a well-cut tuxedo with sober colors and a material which offers a certain luster in the light, than flashy color combinations which most often do not do the Gentleman's outfit any favors.
Our tuxedos are therefore made in our workshops, we control each stage of control in their design. From the first sketch to the selection of the fabric house in Italy with whom we will collaborate on the creation of this new collector's item.
If the tuxedo is a sober ensemble and you want to add a twist of original elegance, you will just need to use different accessories that add to the final visual, such as the bow tie of course.
Choosing your size is important because many people don't know it, but they don't all have the same shape and size. Larger for a more Dandy look, smaller for a discreet and classic look.
At Banzola collection the size of the butterfly offered is Italian shape, medium to medium size, stylish, but just what is needed!
The silk belt can also be added, it is the most beautiful effect for those who want the total Gatsby look.
The perfect bib shirt when you choose a silk belt with equally essential cufflinks for an impeccable and chic look. Their well-matched size, shape and color will give a perfectly matched silhouette down to the smallest detail.
We offer and manufacture keeping in mind at every stage of their design the end result you expect for the most beautiful day of your life Gentlemen.
As for your final choice, we will give you one last piece of advice. Certainly, the tuxedo is a visually very strong ensemble - that's why it was designed - never forget that when you choose it, you will certainly have an exacerbated reflex of sobriety but don't forget to imagine the day of your ceremony where you will be surrounded by your friends and family who will be dressed in their finest regalia in your honor, in a place magnificently decorated for the occasion where hundreds of flowers will line the aisles.
So wearing this ensemble with important charisma is essential to live up to this big day.

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