The Casual jacket is the piece of men's wardrobe that displays the greatest mastery in the originality of the outfits.
A gentleman's piece that offers so many different materials and shapes that it can make you dizzy.
To tell the truth, there are of course the greatest timeless basics which allow - by combining the right shirts, jeans and chinos - to go from a casual look (but always controlled) to a sporty chic look.
The addition of accessories such as the tie, in this specific case in grenadine silk knit, will give all the formality of the tie but in a material with a sporty chic visual.
Indeed, shiny silk ties do not go well with the casual chic style, so should be avoided.
In our Banzola online store, we design our collections so that they can combine in their materials and colors at first glance, which will make it easier for you to choose your sets.
A simple rule to observe in the Casual chic style: materials that shine and have a certain luster do not give off the desired effect once worn. The noble materials in the Casual style have a rather matte appearance which refers to a simplicity in the wear, as the English would say "less is more".
No need to be flashy when the materials and cuts are noble.
This is why we work to offer you the most extensive collections possible, because it is much easier to coordinate pieces together when they have been thought out, created and designed to create beautiful, coherent sets.
If you like the Banzola Collection universe, we strongly recommend the total look. It is better to have a total home look than several isolated shirts that you will have difficulty combining later.
Writing or calling us for style questions is also recommended. We are at your disposal.
The only jacket that can be Casual/Casual chic and even have luster in its materials and buttons is the Blazer.
It's a separate jacket, halfway between the suit and the Casual jacket, once again the rule of luster (shine) also applies to the Blazer.
A matte blazer with a more coarsely woven fabric (thicker threads) is perfect for pairing with jeans or cotton chinos.
On the other hand, Blazers with lighter wools combed with a luster (shine), go perfectly with ties and wool pants.
Once again, jeans can be worn but always with a balance of matte materials and those with shine.
So in summary, a thin shoulder, a choice from the same house and you put all the chances on your side of developing a complex and formidably elegant wardrobe.

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